Sandvik Coromant has your success in focus

Everything we do has one main objective - to contribute to your success.
In order to increase your productivity we are more than happy to share
70 years worth of experience of metal cutting.

Manufacturing economics

No matter how sophisticated or brilliant a technical solution is,
in the end manufacturing economics is what determines your
company's profitability.
As production is most often the largest cost to a manufacturing
company; the choice of manufacturing strategies and technical
solutions in the production is of great significance to the total profitability.

Did you know?

  • A 20 % increase of machine utilization can provide a 10 % higher profit gross margin.
  • A 20 % cutting data increase can decrease the cost per component by more than 10 %. 
  • A 20 % increase in production volume can decrease the payback time of a new machine by 10 months.

Think about it for a minute! 
What would be the most profitable solution for your production? 

Documented savings

Every year we deliver well over 200 million Euro in savings to our customers worldwide,
through optimized productivity. Are you getting your share? 
Let us demonstrate another way of looking at value!

Forward thinking

Although our history has its own merit we are well prepared for the future. We invest extensively in R&D,
about twice as much as the industry average. When we say that “our research contributes to your development”
it is our way of sharing the fruits of our never-ending strive towards increasing quality, efficiency and productivity.


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