Heinz Kaiser Ltd

  • A world wide operating company with more than 50 years experience in development and production of precision tools. The international sales network consists of a subsidiary in Great Britain and various agents all over the world, with RILEY SHUTT being a main agent in the UK.
  • The modular precision tool system CKB/CKS for drilling, boring, milling and tapping provides the best possible tool combination for cost-effective machining of all types of parts. Besides shanks, reductions and extensions, milling cutter holders, milling chucks, collet chucks and tapping attachments.
  • The system comprises the following items:
    1. Single cutter boring heads for bores from ø 0,4 - 203 mm with highly accurate and purely radial cutting edge adjustments by means of a ground and play free fitted micrometer spindle. These boring heads are available as balanced, self-balanceable or standard version.
    2. Twin-cutter boring heads for heavy-duty roughing with individually, axial and radial adjustable tool holders for efficient machining of bores, using different roughing methods.
    3. Boring tools Series 317 for heavy roughing and high precision finishing of bores from ø 150 - 1180 mm. The modular components can easily be assembled to single and twin-cutter tools.
    4. Indexable insert drills with CK6 tool connection for all drills from ø 16 - 78 mm.
    5. Special tools in various executions for time saving and precise manufacturing of standard parts.
  • CONTACT THE RILEY SHUTT TEAM FOR FURTHER INFO ON 01254 872333 or click here to create an email enquiry
  • Click here to see the the Heinz Kaiser website

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