VCMT Insert

Walters Patented Tiger-tec Positive 35deg Turning Insert
  • WPP 01: finishing with high wear resistance
  • WPP 05: for roughing to semi-finishing
  • WPP 10: for maximum productivity at good machining conditions
  • WPP 20: covers the majority of all applications
  • WPP 30: problem solver for difficult conditions+heavily interrupted cuts
  • WPP Tiger-tec covers the entiresteel range from roughing to finishing. Can be used on all low to high-alloy as well as hardened and tempered steels with up to 1600 N/mm2. Inc forged skins with heavily interrupted cuts
  • Low machining times thanks to the new high-performance cutting tool materials WPP 01 and WPP 05. Maximum wear resistance
  • WSM 30 This innovative development allows for the first time to apply an Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) coating in a PVD process.
  • WPP Tiger-tec Heat resistant alloys with difficult cutting properties and stainless steels. Can be applied to high temperature alloys, chromium nickel steels or titanium
Part No Descriptions Price Per Price Quantity
WA5262937 VCMT110304-PF4 WPP01 Each £8.09 (ex VAT) Includes your 35% Disc
WA5262939 VCMT160404-PF4 WPP01 Each £9.30 (ex VAT) Includes your 35% Disc
WA5262940 VCMT160408-PF4 WPP01 Each £9.30 (ex VAT) Includes your 35% Disc
WA5199956 VCMT160408-PF4 WPP10 Each £9.30 (ex VAT) Includes your 35% Disc
WA5199772 VCMT160408-PM5 WPP20 Each £9.30 (ex VAT) Includes your 35% Disc

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