The FOURCUT tool programme is especially suitable for use in multi-spindle machines.

The system is very stable and supports you in all your grooving and parting operations.

Practically without exception, it can be used for all kinds of material.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Application in multi-spindle machines
  • Economical because four cutting edges can be applied per blade
  • Very stable and rigid system
Part No Price Quantity
DM222903 £99.32 (ex VAT)
DM222905 £102.55 (ex VAT)
DM222906 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM222907 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM222908 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM222909 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM222910 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM222911 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM350852 £44.69 (ex VAT)
DM352018 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM362784 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM363586 £99.32 (ex VAT)
DM384496 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM384498 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM384499 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM385666 £102.55 (ex VAT)
DM385669 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM385670 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM385671 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM385672 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM385673 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM385674 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM385675 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM385676 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM385677 £39.83 (ex VAT)
DM386296 £44.69 (ex VAT)
DM386297 £42.32 (ex VAT)

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