ER32 Collet

ER32 Spring Collet DIN 6499.
  • Standard collet 15 to 20 micron runout.
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Part No Dia Price Quantity
OMER323 3mm to 2mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER324 4mm to 3mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER325 5mm to 4mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER326 6mm to 5mm £5.00 (ex VAT)
OMER327 7mm to 6mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER329 9mm to 8mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER3210 10mm to 9mm £5.00 (ex VAT)
OMER3211 11mm to 10mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER3213 13mm to 12mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER3214 14mm to 13mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER3215 15mm to 14mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER3217 17mm to 16mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER3218 18mm to 17mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER3219 19mm to 18mm £5.50 (ex VAT)
OMER3220 20mm to 19mm £5.50 (ex VAT)

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